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  • About us!

    Welcome to The Focus{ed} Film Movement. This is UC Berkeley’s first club and DeCal focused on DSLR’s and Competitive filmmaking. Keep up with the newest trends and tutorials by the top creatives in the industry. In addition, the films that are produced by our very own students at The University of California Berkeley will showcase their competitive films, National Ads and more. All work on this site is shot solely with DSLR’s. In 2011 there will be a constant flow of tutorials featured. Please friend us and keep up with our many events, competitions, guest speakers and more that are planned for the Spring of 2011.

The Gold Way {Century 21} Poptent

Pizza Hut app {pizza hut} Poptent

Tired of Ice Cold Water? {Insinkerator} Poptent

Pizza Hut Frenzy {Pizza Hut} Poptent

Dinner in an instant {Insinkerator} Poptent

Pizza Hut Juggling {Pizza Hut} Poptent

Shaolin House of Pizza {Pizza Hut} Poptent

Who’s Gonna Get

Everybody’s Pizza {Pizza Hut} Poptent

The Road Less Traveled {Pizza Hut} Poptent